Look at these children!  This family were really fun to work with. You can tell they have fun together.  In fact I had packed up my camera and was about to leave when I looked back to see Matt climbing a tree with the kids.  Seriously how fun is this family?  We took these photos last weekend and the weather or light did not disappoint.

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G’s a real dickens.  Can you tell?

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I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween.  But, I am a huge fan of making things.  After a bit of internet research I found an easy tutorial to turn G into a peacock.   What I didn’t account for was the speech limitations of a 20 month old.  For at least a week before Halloween  when we asked her what she was dressing up as she drop the pea from peacock in a loud and matter of fact tone. Thankfully that passed just in time for her to be sick for Halloween and homebound with me. We still have fun though.

She was a bit sick on Halloween so we had to settle for dreary indoor shots.

For the record I set her up, wiped her nose a million times, walked two steps away to take a picture and still didn’t manage to get a clean shot.

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Fall is my favourite time of year. The colours, lighting conditions and the burst of energy I get to squeeze every last ounce of night weather in before the winter. Ugh, winter. I’ll try my best to refrain from complaining miserably about it when it arrives.

Anyway, this photo of G is my new favourite and front runner for our holiday cards. What do you think?

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Anna is the first, and only, Greek friend I’ve made in Ontario.  We had our first child within days of one another.  Both married guys who were not Greek. Both laugh hysterically at our own jokes.  Then she decided to try for baby number two and ended up with baby number two and three.  This is where our similarities end.  I think a higher power responsible for dolling out kids knows better than to give me twins.  You see Anna can handle it.  I cannot.

I did a photo shoot with her sweet family and this is my favorite image.

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My friend, Jen, generously drives me to work on most days so I repaid her with a little family photo shoot.  We had some coffee and played in the park on a bright and slightly crisp Fall day.  Can you believe Fall is nearly over?  I’m hopeful that I’ll squeeze one or two more shoots in before the leaves disappear.
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My friend, and amazingly great real estate agent, asked me to photograph Oscar for her Christmas card.  Which photo do you think is better for her card?  My vote is #1.  The hub’s is #2.

This mini shoot gave me the nudge I needed to think about our holiday cards.  It usually takes me at least three weeks to address them and then another two to drop them into the mailbox. I’m booking mini-shoots if you’re interested in getting a few photos for your holiday cards.

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