The hub planned a trip to San Francisco for my birthday in November.  It was warm, peaceful and the food was out of this world delicious.  I dream of the burritos, tacos, and enchiladas on an almost daily basis.  When I’m not dreaming of lunch I’m dreaming of Tartine Bakery.   If you go to San Francisco and skip Tartine it’s a crying shame.  Sorry, back to the photo.  We were overlooking the city and having a blast tooting around on this particular day.  G was wildly well behaved for the entire week long trip.  It’s cold and rainy at the moment and I woke up to snow…. just sayin.



About emilyd photography

I'm a life photographer interested in photographing people doing what they love. If you are in need a photographer please contact me by email at emdoukogiannis(at)gmail.com
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  1. Val says:

    Great picture, Em. I can’t wait to go to San Francisco. Maybe in a year or so… 🙂

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