I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween.  But, I am a huge fan of making things.  After a bit of internet research I found an easy tutorial to turn G into a peacock.   What I didn’t account for was the speech limitations of a 20 month old.  For at least a week before Halloween  when we asked her what she was dressing up as she drop the pea from peacock in a loud and matter of fact tone. Thankfully that passed just in time for her to be sick for Halloween and homebound with me. We still have fun though.

She was a bit sick on Halloween so we had to settle for dreary indoor shots.

For the record I set her up, wiped her nose a million times, walked two steps away to take a picture and still didn’t manage to get a clean shot.


About emilyd photography

I'm a life photographer interested in photographing people doing what they love. If you are in need a photographer please contact me by email at emdoukogiannis(at)gmail.com
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